When the world is reeling under a new challenge of Corona Pandemic, it has become necessary to change how we have been conducting our life and livelihood. Our Mentor, Sri Dinesh Rawat, inspires people to live in harmony with Nature and adopt new technologies for achievements. He has experience in many fields of life. In his professional career of over fifty years, he has achieved the highest feats in business. He has been a director in twenty companies and held positions in many Chamber of Commerce & Export Promotion Councils. He traveled to over sixty countries and researched the true history of the world. As an environmentalist, he introduced many concepts that inspire people to go green and live a happy and healthy life. He provides “small tips” to achieve” BIG RESULTS.”


Global Warming and Climate Change has emerged as a massive challenge to humankind. Our team makes people realize that their small actions and change in the lifestyle can only save the world from a disaster. We can not depend on politicians, bureaucrats, and industrialists to provide a reasonable solution. The fact is they are the root cause of this problem.


Growing children are concerned about the present scenario, and they wonder what would be left for them when they grow up. They must be shown that the current generation is making necessary amends so that a livable world is available to them. Organizing environmental education tours for school children to villages and prominent plant nurseries would allow them to learn how they can keep their surroundings green and live in harmony with Nature.


People can lead a better life by keeping their surroundings green. But their problem is that they do not have the skills to maintain house plants. They spend thousands to buy plants, but they die within few months. We provide online classes and are demonstrated live the methodology by which they can maintain the plants without pain. They are empowered to live green, live healthy with air-purifying and valuable plants.


Most people are aware of the multiple benefits of greening. A “Green Eco-system” can bring multiple advantages to society. If urban dwellers are motivated and trained to keep their homes green, there would be a vast demand for house plants and professional gardeners. It would generate a lot of livelihood as nurserymen and gardeners. We provide training to city dwellers and to youth to become nursery owners and gardeners.


Most people lead a mediocre life as the education provided in schools and colleges does not teach life skills. People do not know how to use the great wealth they possess in the form of their minds and body. Most of us do not use more than three percent of the mind in conducting life. Sri Dinesh Rawat provides free online classes to empower them to lead their lives with higher potential, achieve success, and make life meaningful for themselves and society.


The history that is followed and taught in schools is false and fabricated. Sri Dinesh Rawat has done profound research over thirty years and discovered the Europeans have falsely constructed that entire world history. India was the wealthiest and most advanced nation for 4800 years out of the known history of 5000 years. False theories were created like the big bang, organic view of evolution, Aryan migration. Sanskrit is the mother of all languages, but it has been downgraded by suggesting that it is a branch of the Indo-European language. Indian historical monuments that belonged to Hindu kings have been falsely labeled as Islamic constructions. In the project “Glories of India,” Sri Dinesh Rawat provides actual knowledge to all.